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4 Signs That It's Time For A New Exterior Paint Job

Does the exterior of your home appear lackluster? Is it missing the sparkle it once had? If so, it may be time for a fresh coat of paint. A new exterior house painting is an easy way to update your house, boost curb appeal, and raise property value. Today, the experienced painting pros from DC’s Contracting in Pleasant Hill are here to share four signs you need a new exterior paint job. Read on, then contact us to request an estimate.


Bubbling or Blistering Paint

Exterior paint can last a long time, but it’s no match for years of repeated sun exposure. Eventually, you may notice your home’s paint is bubbling or blistering because of it. If you leave this surface damage alone for too long, it could cause the paint to peel off. You’ll need a professional house painter to help address this issue, fix any minor damage, and apply a fresh coat of paint.


Wood Siding Is Exposed or Rotting

Can you see areas of wood siding sticking out from under your house’s old layer of paint? If left exposed for too long, it could begin to crack or rot. Fortunately, exterior house painting services from the team at DC’s Contracting can take care of it, even if the wood is already damaged.


Paint Is Starting to Peel

Over time, as paint ages and breaks down, its adhesives start to weaken. This problem, combined with exposure to the elements, often leads to peeling. Not only will peeling paint lower your home’s aesthetics, but it could lead to your home’s siding rotting or molding, too. An upgraded exterior paint job is the only solution.


Exterior Is Faded or Chalky

Depending on when your house was last painted, the exterior may appear faded and dull. It could be chalky to the touch, too, because deteriorating paint often feels powdery. By revamping it with a new coat, you’ll add life and value back to your home and make it an investment worth being proud of again.

When you decide your Missouri home needs a new exterior paint job, choose DC’s Contracting in Pleasant Hill. We focus on quality and aim to exceed expectations, so contact us for a free estimate on your home’s exterior today.